Master's in Business Studies


Master's in Business Studies is important for the specialization in a particular area of operation and management of organizations. It introduces students with high level concepts on chosen subjects such as Account, Finance to name few.

The Objective of MBS

Core Courses:

Core business courses includes subjects such as Research Methodology and Statistical Methods, Business Economics, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Corporate Financial Management, Management Accountancy, Marketing Management, Production and Operation Management Entrepreneurship Development and Business Policy and Environment.

Specialization course:

Specialization in any one of the areas, such as, accounting, General management and Management science enables the students to develop expertise in the finance, marketing, in the functional area. HSM provides specialization course in finance.

Thesis writing or project work:

The MBS program requires the students to conduct original research work during the second year. Students are required to either write a thesis or under take two project assignment based on their original research work. Thesis writing and project works are to be strictly within the area of specialization opted by the student.