Dress Code

BIM Students dress

College dress code is another factor which makes our students standout amid others. HSM strongly emphasize that student wear college uniform as it encourages feeling of harmony and equality. The college also assigns different dress code for different faculty so that it is easier to maintain discipline and order.

Anti Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Campaign

HSM is an anti drugs, alcohol and tobacco institution. Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco are strongly prohibited in HSM. We run various awareness programs, yearly, to discourage students in getting involved in such addictions.

HSM emphasizes greatly on discipline as one cannot succeed in life without it. Obedience to college authorities and teachers, maintaining dress code and attendance, appearing in exam, respecting and creating harmonious relationship with other students are some of the disciplines that students have to maintain during their stay in college. The college will not tolerate rude, anti-social behavior or damage to college property. Any breach in the code of conduct will result in penalty according to college rules.