Workshop on “WordPress” and “Android”

With the aim of sharing ideas with all, students of BIM 7th semester had organized workshop  on Basics of ”Wordpress” & “Anoroid” on 22th – 24th January 2015. Trainers of workshop were  Sushil Thapa, Purushottam Dahal and  Nirmal chaulagain. Each day was divided into two sessions; 10:30 am -1:30 pm for wordpress and break for half and hour and again 2:00 pm -5:00 pm for anoroid. Basics of ”Wordpress” was conducted by trainers Sushil thapa and Purushottam Dahal. Similarly Basics of ”Anoroid” was conducted by trainers Purushottam Dahal and Nirmal Chaulagain. For each session there were 30 students who registered their name through registration form through the site of college(

Workshop Details:

Course: Basics of “Wordpres” & “Anoroid”
Location: Hetauda School of Management, Hetauda
Date: 22th – 24th January 2015
Participants: BIM students of Hetauda School of Management


Name: Sushil Thapa
BIM(Bachelor of Information Management)

Name: Purushottam Dahal
BIM(Bachelor of Information Management)

Name: Nirmal Chaulagain
BIM(Bachelor of Information Management)


Day 1

All participants and trainers are known to each other  so session started directly at around 11:00 am  with introduction of wordpress by Sushil Thapa and Purushottam Dahal. After general introduction of wordpress every participants installed needed software in their computers on the guidance of  Sushil Thapa and Purushottam Dahal. 
Then, Sushil Thapa explained all about dashboard with small exercises which was  followed by all participants. It became quite effective because it gives hands-on learning experience which make concept more clear. Day 1 end at around 2:00 pm, ended   at half of dashboard. Day 2 ended with explaining and doing exercise e relating to dashboard.

Day 2

Day 2 started at 10;30 am. Trainer Sushil Thapa welcomeed all and continued explaining dashboard of wordpress. It was filled with similar  session of day 1,explaining and doing small exercises.
Participants were enjoying all the moments of session as trainers were known to them and it was held quiet interestingly. Sushil  was explaining and  doing exercises infront and all participants were following him. To help participants Purushottam was there in lab

Day 3

Day 3 started at 10:30 am. As it was Saturday but also all participants were actively taking part in this session. It showed that they were enjoying the workshop and have a want to learn something new. This was the last day of workshop. This session was started by Sushil Thapa by explaining about making website for e-business. With guidance of Trainers Sushil Thapa and Purushottam Dahal all participants  make a  sample website for e-business.

        After making website Purushottam give small presentation on creating  domain name on .tk and and also on taking space for domain freely. He also make one sample domain and host it in Purushottam then ended the day by thanking everyone. By this, workshop ended also by declaring the day for certificate distribution


Day 1

The First Day Session started at 02:00 pm with the introduction of Android by Purushottam Dahal and Nirmal Chaulagain.
After general introduction of Android,Each and every participants of workshop run IDE named Eclipse on their computer and laptops which has been already installed on their computers by Nirmal Chaulagain and Purushottam Dahal. 
And Topics covered in the first day session was as below :
1. Android environment setup
2. Hello world App
3. Text and Background Design
4. Screen orientations 
6. Splash screen

Day 2

The Second Day Session started at 02:00 pm with the warm welcome by Purushottam Dahal and Nirmal Chaulagain trainer of the workshop.
And Topics covered in the Second day session was as below :
1. explicit intent and implicit intent
2. Tab activity
As fast as Possible The Participants made the App and test on their own Android smartphone,.

Day 3

The Third Day and the workshop last Session started at 02:00 pm with all the Active Participant and the trainer of Android Purushottam Dahal and Nirmal Chaulagain.
And Topics covered in the Second day session was as below :
1. internet checking with dialog box
2. Publishing app in Google Play Store
And We ended the workshop by thanked each and every person participated, helped in that workshop to be the successful workshop.

Certificate Distribution Programme

Certificate distribution programme  was held on 28th January 2015 at around 11:30 am.
 On this day Principal of our college Mr. Puran Bahadur Joshi was with trainers and students in hall of HSM.He gave some motivational speech to  students about life and importance of  education . And encourage all student to create some fruitful ideas  and  organize such activities time and again. After this Coordinator of BIM Mr .Sameer Gautam gave small speech about workshop that was recently held on college by the student of same college. final1Principal sir then distributed certificate to all those student who took part in workshop of  “Wordpreess”  and “Anoroid” .In this way All the programmes of workshop ended.

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