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Bachelor’s in Information Management (B.I.M.) is designed for the students seeking career either in Management or IT. The courses in B.I.M. acquaint students with IT and managerial and analytical skills so they can manage and lead IT projects. The course also focuses on managerial skills like planning, organizing decision making so that students can become IT managers rather than just IT professionals.

Our hands in IT courses give students strong theoretical and practical experiences preparing them for future challenges. Managerial and analytical skills they learn in B.I.M. makes them leaders in the IT field. The graduates of B.I.M. will fulfill growing demands of IT professionals in Nepali and the Global market.

Curriculum Affiliation : Tribhuvan University (T.U.)
Students intake : 60
Number of Semester : 8
Admission : T.U. CMAT exam
Eligibility : 10+2 or equivalent from any faculty.


After successful completion of the course BIM graduates can work as:

  • IT managers, IT consultants for private, non-government and Government organizations.
  • System managers and administrators in Banks and other businesses.
  • Software developer, Analysts, Project managers.
  • System administrators and Network engineers.
  • IT teacher and instructors in different educational institutions.
  • IT researcher and IT entrepreneurs.
  • The students can also pursue graduate courses such as MBA, MCA, MTech, MIT etc after completion of the program in any university of the world.

Non-credited Specialization Courses
As per the requirement of the students and the market, the college will arrange facilities of non-credited specialization courses like CISCO Certified Network Engineer, Microsoft .NET platform programming, Linux and Unix Certification and other courses.


    BIM NEW Course

S.NFoundation Courses 24 Credit Hours
1ENG 201: English – I
2MGT 204: Business Communications
3SOC 201: Sociology for Business
4MTH 201: Basic Mathematics
5MTH 202: Discrete Mathematics
6STT 201: Business Statistics
7ECO 201: Microeconomics
8ECO 202: Macroeconomics
S.NBusiness Courses 30 Credit Hours
1ACC 201: Financial Accounting
2ACC 202: Cost and Management Accounting
3FIN 201: Business Finance
4MGT 201: Principles of Management
5MGT 202: Human Resource Management
6MGT 203: Organizational Behavior
7MGT 205: Operations Management
8MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal
9MGT 208: Business Strategy
10MKT 201: Fundamentals of Marketing
S.NIT and Computer Courses 60 Credit Hours
1IT 211: Computer Information System
2IT 212: Digital Logic Design
3IT 213: Structured Programming
4IT 214: Data Communication and Computer Network
5IT 215: Web Technology – I
6IT 216: Java Programming – I
7IT 217: Computer Organization
8IT 218: Data Structure and Algorithm with Java
9IT 219: Web Technology – II
10IT 220: Database Management System
11IT 221: Computer Graphics
12IT 222: Java Programming – II
13IT 223: Advanced Internet Working
14IT 224: Software Engineering
15IT 225: Computer Security and Cyber Law
16IT 226: Management Information System
17IT 227: Object Oriented Analysis and Design
18IT 228: Artificial Intelligence 2
19IT 229: IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management
20IT 230: Economics of Information and Communication
S.NElective Courses 6 Credit Hours
1IT 301: System Administration – Win NT
2IT 302: Graphics User Interface Programming Using C++
3IT 303: Computer Based Financial Engineering
4IT 304: Electronic Reporting and Auditing
5IT 305: Object Oriented Database Management
6IT 306: Software Project Management
7IT 307: Operating Systems
8IT 308: Data Mining and Data Warehousing
S.NInternship and Summer Project 6 Credit Hours
1IT 350: Internship 3 Credit Hours
2IT 351: Summer Project 3 Credit Hours

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* CMAT Exam : (August 23, 2014)

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*Cultural Program

What our Student says...

avatarB.I.M. has provided me opportunities to explore various aspects of technology, management and also of my career. Half of the journey has been fruitful and I am sure it will be more important and career oriented rest of the way at this wonderful academic institution.

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