Bachelor's in Business Studies

BBS Students in classroom

Bachelor's in Business Studies under Tribhuwan University in-tends to provide students with concepts and methods of operation and management of organizations. Rather than just giving the basic concepts, we also teach students how to apply these concepts in a real world scenario so as to prepare them for job market even before they pass out.

The objective of BBS:

First Year Program:

Subject Marks
English 100 Marks
Economic Analysis 100 Marks
Business Mathematics and Statistics 100 Marks
Principles of Management 100 Marks
Cost and Management Accounting 100 Marks

Second Year Program:

Subject Marks
Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning 100 Marks
Fundamentals of Marketing 100 Marks
Financial Management 100 Marks
Foundations of Human Resources Management 100 Marks
Legal Environment of Business 100 Marks

Third Year Programme:

In the third year, the students are encouraged to focus on a particular functional and sectoral area of business studies.