Hetauda School of Management & Social Sciences (HSM) welcomes you to the world of high standard education. We offer various programs from Higher Secondary to Master’s level in Science, Management, Arts, Education and Information management. With the motto of “Strict Discipline, Quality Education” HSM is dedicated to impart quality education for the development of the society.

HSM has well-trained, experienced faculty members and we have embraced innovative non-traditional teaching methodologies. We conduct lectures, seminars, workshops, hand on trainings and selflearning to guide, our students in achieving their goals. We are equipped with highly trained faculty and we follow nontraditional teachings methodologies based on lectures,seminars, workshops, hands on trainings and self-learning.

Many of HSM graduates have excelled in their personal and professional life. Today, they’ve occupied positions in government and non-government organizations. Many of them have been pursuing their studies abroad successfully. Since its inception our students have topped TU and HSEB board examinations many times. This success reflects the unique flag of self-confidence, good knowledge and values that students carry after studying in HSM.

At present, being a part of HSM family is an opportunity as well as a pride to the students. The students from Hetauda and nearby locations such as Simara,Chandranigahpur, Bardibas, Birgunj yearn for opportunity to join this prestigious educational institution. If you are looking for an institution that ensures success and gives you competitive edge, HSM is your ultimate destination.

Welcome to HSM.


HSM Journal coming soon...

Hetauda school of Management is going to publish 4th edition of Journal soon. Stay tuned......
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